Monday, February 21, 2011

Never Hesitate to Ask God (3rd Chapter - The Prayer)

 Dear Reader,

This third chapter is about my another true story that God will hear anything that you wish as long as you really convinced that God heard you. The best part is God will always grant you the request if we do our best  to solve the problem we were facing first and there's nothing else we can do anymore about it except submit to the God's will. As God will always knows what is best for us and what we need, though not necessary what we want. So here's the story..

I was born in a quite prosper family, i always got what i want.. but for some reason as i grew old particularly started on 7 years ago, my family business went down. So i had to be more careful spending money at that time. As you read in my first chapter, i found God when i was 26 years old.. that was 3 years ago. Actually during that time my family economy was at the peak of declining. Luckily at that time i found God already so each time the world makes us crazy i went to God. I realized without this difficult situation i wouldn't aware or maybe too blind to force my self to work hard and eventually found God in my journey, in fact if i was too spoiled by the world this blog would never existed in the first place. I guess this is another God's work to shape me and my family to become a better person.

So from a father as a medical chief of international oil company and mother as a business woman who had her relations with world bank, what remains in my family business right now  is only a small pastry vendor which has unstable income. Although It was so hard dealing with the living cost, debts and everything but our faith to God, makes us through any difficulties. As you guys read before in my previous chapters... this story was taken during my college year. For your information when i entered the university my family was still in a good economic condition, so i entered one of the most expensive university here in my country. 

But later on, it was so unfortunate for me in the middle of my college year, my family economy went down drastically.. so i had trouble facing tuition fee for each semester.  So there was this one time when i got panicked because a week ahead of me, i should pay the tuition fee which was not a small amount of money. I was so anxious day and night, and kept this deadline by myself because i don't want to put more heavy burden on my family. Why is so heavy? because if i may illustrate the problem was like this. I knew for sure that my family doesn't had any saving at all as we had to continue paying our debts, so what we earned each day will be vanished to a debt collector. So imagine if i have to ask for like 1000 $ for my tuition fee whereas the income is only 50 dollars a day at max, let's do the math.. in 7 days the most we can have is only 350 dollars.. not to mention this calculation is not include our family living cost and everything.. so its totally impossible..

From two week before tuition fee deadline, I tried to look for a job frequently hoping that i will be able to pay at least half from the tuition later on. Unfortunately there's non available job at that time, even if there was a vacancy it required full time job and for sure i will not be able to study well and eventually the academic goals and income missions both will fail. So a week before the deadline i was finally encouraging my self to talk with my parents about the tuition problems. As i expected, it was just like i put on  the world most heaviest thing on their shoulder. They seems weren't ready to hear it, although in front of me they were trying so hard to look calm.. but i can tell from their faces that they were clueless as i was at that time. 

 So later at night that day,  i started to do Tahajud prayer ( It is a non obligatory moslem prayer, that conducted in the edge of night before dawn and the condition is the person should sleep first. Usually moslem does this to earn more graces from Allah or begging solutions or wishing for something to Allah). With faith and confidence that God will hear me, i was ready to do it every night until i have the answer or the solutions. I remembered each night i said this with tears:

"Dear Allah, please give me a way out to pay the tuition fee, have a pity on me and my family as we already worked hard and You are The Most Knowledgeable about what we have been trying... I don't want to make my family got any further in debt so please give us another way then having another debt.  If You want me to not proceeding my college i will submit Ya Allah, but please lift up my parents burdens so they will not get sad because of it,  But if You want me to finish my college please dear Allah... give my family a way out and i promise i will work hard to achieve my graduation, so my parents will know that their prayers and efforts is not in vain..." I kept repeating this prayer after Tahajud each night, while tears was always streamed down on my cheek. Some says tears reflect your inner most sincerity, and the most granted prayer if the inner most of your soul, your heart, your concentration and your prayer are united as one so God will answer your prayer.

Out from expectation after the third night..  at the next morning suddenly our family vendor received huge order for some company and not just that, the next day we also had another huge order from goverment institution and the third day there was another large pastry order from our loyal customer which was very out of ordinary. Because of this, within three days we had more than 1000 $, Alhamdulillah, Allah answered our prayer. Thus i was able to pay the tuition fee and proceed with my college without my family have to sacrifice any liabilities on our living cost, and of course i kept my promise to work hard and graduated with one of the best score among other students. For that we were very thankful that God enhanced our faith through out the process.
Lessons learned

1. Pray Not Just Once,  Do It Over And Over Again.
Why i suggest to pray not only one time? As quoted in First Chapter, It's because we never know from  among thousand prayers you ask to God, there's only one condition where's the Prayer, the statement, the concentration, the expression, the inner soul and the heart unites as one and focus to Allah, which makes your wish granted.

Other than that the reason is sometimes it takes more than one prayer to prove that you are sincere enough towards your wish. Let's just illustrate this, let's go back way years ago when we were child, how many times do you need to tell your parents that you want some toy and after kept saying what you want, then your parents eventually bought it for you? It's a very rare occasion when you saw a toy that you like than you just said i want it, then your parents went inside the store and bought it for you? It's a rare but it still could happened, am i right? Why doesn't parents gave what we want straight away after we asked them? there are many reasons but the most proper reason is the parents wants to taught us something  Maybe is not important enough to buy some toy compare to the groceries which will feed you, or maybe simply because of your parents did not see that you really wants the toy nor need it, or maybe if parents always granted what you asked , don't you think you will know how to get things in your life other than begging your parents later on? I don't think so.. It's a similar with the prayer although there are very huge different with whom you asked this time, Allah is The Most Knowledgeable which will always know whats better for us.

2. God Will Always Hear The Prayer, But For Your Prayer To Be Answered That's Another Question.

Above story is one of the prayer that Allah answered from my experience. However if i can draw useful points from my experiences, not all of our wish and prayer are answered, it depends on several factors. First, maybe there are still somethings we can do to solve the problems, remember we need to work hard and be sure that there's nothing else we can do other than submit to Allah's will. (We are God most perfect creation.. so don't patronizing yourselves), Second we aren't really praying ( As i quoted above or at the 1st chapter " the most granted prayer if the inner most of your soul, your heart, your concentration and your prayer unites as one so God will answer your prayer ", (That is why the best time situation to pray is at night where everything is so silent so you can feel it and concentrate enough). Third, Allah has another plan for us, and i can guaranteed no matter what, it will be a better result, proven by many of my untold experiences.

3. Be Convinced  That Your Prayer Is Being Heard By God Anytime Anywhere

The faith of being heard by Allah while you are praying count as everything. When we are praying but we dont give a faith in it.. most of the cases your prayer will be in vain. But i said most of the cases, because once again Allah has special way which different to every single person (creations). in this world Based on my experience, faith is the most important element during the prayer. Allah will be just like what you assume, if you think Allah is ignoring you so more or less will be like that.. but about this one i will share it later on my other chapter. 

Well that's my third chapter..  Thank you for reading my posts, hopefully it can be usefull. God Willing i will share another more.

With Warmness,